オバマ大統領:パールハーバーの演説(2016.12.27, Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Abe of Japan at Pearl Harbor)

That morning, the ranks on men’s shoulders defined them less than the courage in their hearts. Across the island, Americans defended themselves however they could — firing training shells, working old bolt-action rifles. An African-American mess steward, who would typically be confined to cleaning duties, carried his commander to safety, and then fired an anti-aircraft gun until he ran out of ammo.

*rank n.階級
*defend v.防衛する
*however adv.どんな方法でも
*shell n.砲弾
*bolt-action adj.ボルトアクション式の(詳細:
*mess n.食堂 => mess steward: 食堂の給仕(stewardは、「n.(男性の)乗客係」)
*confine v.制限する
*duty n.仕事
*commander n.指揮官
*safety n.安全なところ(saftyは、「安全、安全性」という意味ですが、「安全なところ」という意味もあります)
*ran out of 使い果たす
*ammo n.弾薬


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