オバマ大統領:パールハーバーの演説(2016.12.27, Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Abe of Japan at Pearl Harbor)

In good times and in bad, we are there for each other. Recall five years ago, when a wall of water bore down on Japan and reactors in Fukushima melted, America’s men and women in uniform were there to help our Japanese friends. Across the globe, the United States and Japan work shoulder-to-shoulder to strengthen the security of the Asia Pacific and the world — turning back piracy, combating disease, slowing the spread of nuclear weapons, keeping the peace in war-torn lands.
Earlier this year, near Pearl Harbor, Japan joined with two dozen nations in the world’s largest maritime military exercise. That included our forces from U.S. Pacific Command, led by Admiral Harry Harris, the son of an American Naval officer and a Japanese mother. Harry was born in Yokosuka, but you wouldn’t know it from his Tennessee twang.

*recall v.思い出す
*bear down v.圧倒する、引き倒す
*reactor n.原子炉
*in uniform 軍隊に在籍をして、制服を着て
*shoulder-to-shoulder 協力して (肩と肩が触れ合うイメージ)
*turn back 追い返す
*piracy n.海賊行為(著作権侵害の違法コピーという意味もある)
*war-torn adj.戦争で荒れた
*command n.司令部、司令官
*Admiral n.海軍大将、海軍将官、海軍将校
*twang n.鼻にかかった声


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