オバマ大統領:パールハーバーの演説(2016.12.27, Remarks by President Obama and Prime Minister Abe of Japan at Pearl Harbor)

That’s the lesson of Captain William Callaghan of the Missouri. Even after an attack on his ship, he ordered that the Japanese pilot be laid to rest with military honors, wrapped in a Japanese flag sewn by American sailors. It’s the lesson, in turn, of the Japanese pilot who, years later, returned to this harbor, befriended an old Marine bugler and asked him to play taps and lay two roses at this memorial every month — one for America’s fallen and one for Japan’s.
It’s a lesson our two peoples learn every day, in the most ordinary of ways — whether it’s Americans studying in Tokyo, young Japanese studying across America; scientists from our two nations together unraveling the mysteries of cancer, or combating climate change, exploring the stars. It’s a baseball player like Ichiro lighting up a stadium in Miami, buoyed by the shared pride of two peoples, both American and Japanese, united in peace and friendship.

*lesson n.教訓
*lay (過去、過去分詞はlaid) v.埋葬する、横たえる
*sew (過去:sewed, 過去分詞:sewed or sewn) 縫う
*befriend v.友となる、手助けする
*bugler n.らっぱ手
*play taps v.鎮魂ラッパを吹く、永別ラッパを吹く
*fallen adj. 落ちた、戦死者(the fallen)
*unravel v.(難問など)解く
*light up v.明るくする
*buoy 勇気づける



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