オバマ大統領:広島の演説(Remarks by President Obama at Hiroshima Peace Memorial)

That is why we come to Hiroshima. So that we might think of people we love — the first smile from our children in the morning; the gentle touch from a spouse over the kitchen table; the comforting embrace of a parent –- we can think of those things and know that those same precious moments took place here seventy-one years ago. Those who died -– they are like us. Ordinary people understand this, I think. They do not want more war. They would rather that the wonders of science be focused on improving life, and not eliminating it.

*comfort v.慰める、元気づける *embrace n.抱擁 *wonder n.脅威 *eliminate v.除去する


When the choices made by nations, when the choices made by leaders reflect this simple wisdom, then the lesson of Hiroshima is done.


The world was forever changed here. But today, the children of this city will go through their day in peace. What a precious thing that is. It is worth protecting, and then extending to every child. That is the future we can choose -– a future in which Hiroshima and Nagasaki are known not as the dawn of atomic warfare, but as the start of our own moral awakening.

*dawn n.夜明け *warfare n.戦争 *awaken v.目覚めさせる、気づかせる


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